is a contemporary art fund that promotes museum work on a national and international level. It bridges the gap between private patronage on the one hand and public cultural institutions, museums, and artists on the other.

Dora Budor

Dora Budor at Kunsthaus Bregenz, 19.3. - 26.6.2022 | © Dora Budor

LEAP receives contributions from private patrons, companies, and other cooperation partners to fund exhibitions, support the acquisition of artworks, and promote artistic production. With responsible philanthropic commitment, LEAP ensures that institutions have maximum freedom to foster artistic creativity.

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Board of Trustees

  • Daniel Baumann

    Director Kunsthalle Zürich

  • Anna-Catharina Gebbers

    Curator at Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin

  • Samuel Leuenberger

    Director SALTS, Basel and Curator, Parcours, Art Basel

  • Susanne Pfeffer

    Director MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt

  • Moritz Wesseler

    Director Fridericianum Kassel

as well as five LEAP Patrons


Heart & Soul of LEAP: Bettina Böhm

LEAP was created by philanthropist and art collector Bettina Böhm. The art historian began to pursue her long-standing commitment in cultural philanthropy as a founding board member of the "Stiftung für das Museum Folkwang" in Essen. Her fundraising initiatives essentially contributed to gather patrons and sponsors for the museum.

Over several years, Bettina worked closely with Thomas Olbricht to prepare the renowned Olbricht Collection for public display. Together with Olbricht, she discovered new artists and artworks for the collection, gaining important insights into the mechanisms of the art market, the collaboration with artists, and the "art of private collecting". Meanwhile, Bettina served as board member of ARTNET and as VIP consultant for FRIEZE.

In 2015, Bettina was approached by Candida Gertler, founder of "Outset Contemporary Art Fund", to direct the German chapter of the arts charity, which Bettina had supported as a patron for years. She closed a franchise agreement and founded "Outset Contemporary Art Fund_Germany gGmbH" as its sole shareholder. Just a year later, she expanded Outset Germany to "Outset Germany_Switzerland".

In six years under her directorate, public institutions have been supported with artworks and exhibition funds worth approximately 2.3 million euros. Acclaimed exhibitions with international reach were held in Europe and abroad, while significant works of art were transferred to public institutions as donations — supported entirely by private funds. In addition, Bettina created the "outset germany_switzerland mag", established benefit auctions and the "donation in-kind" model (please see below) as alternative ways to raise support. She also founded the Board of Trustees, an impartial panel of museum directors and curators, which evaluates submitted project proposals. For the term of their service, these museum representatives are not permitted to hand in proposals from their own institutions.

Foundation of LEAP

With LEAP, Bettina continues her philanthropic commitment under a new name, taking her venture to the next level. After inspiring conversations with patrons, curators, and museum directors, she felt that the given framework needed to take a new turn and grow beyond the models created under OUTSET to expand the means for funding. In the wake of new ideas and impulses, a new programmatic structure emerged — with a new Board of Trustees, new processes, a new set of compliance rules to ensure utmost transparency, and a group of wonderful patrons to bring the new framework to life. Eventually, it was time to give this new era, this reshaped program a new name: LEAP. In the process, Bettina's patrons were actively involved in creating the identity of her "old-and-new" enterprise.

The network Bettina established in more than 30 years of relentless engagement remains at the core of LEAP. New patrons and sponsors are coming on board, as Bettina enlarges the international footprint of her work. Her program continues to be non-commercial entirely. All patronage is based on voluntary affiliation —any new partner must fully comprehend the principles of the organization while being as committed to LEAP's objectives as Bettina is. LEAP wants to make a difference in the field of art funding: We would love to attract more dedicated partners that show their support in other – creative – ways beyond contributing with an annual patronage.

LEAP as a Non-Commercial-Society

LEAP allocates 100% of its patronage funds to artistic projects. All values raised, such as private donations or returns from artist editions, are donated to public institutions. The costs incurred by the economic operation of LEAP as a 'Non-Commercial Society' are covered exclusively by sponsorship. On behalf of LEAP and its mission, Bettina is working pro bono.

An annual Open Call is held for the submission of funding applications. With a detailed project description and budget plan, any institution can in principle apply for funding from LEAP. Its Board of Trustees is composed of international museum directors, curators, and LEAP patrons.

Additional Opportunities to Raise Funds

Donation in-Kind:

With the Donation in-Kind, LEAP employs an idea that was put forth by LEAP's associated circle of artists. It is an instrument of support from which all participants benefit: If an exhibition is granted funding, the artist may provide provides a work (however, this is not a mandatory commitment) that will be donated by LEAP to one or more public museums. It is a win-win situation: Museums can upgrade their collections, while artists have the opportunity to place their works in a public context.

Benefit Auctions:

Live auctions of high-ranking contemporary artworks are held regularly in cooperation with Phillips Auctioneers. Our partner Phillips considers it a matter of course not to charge a premium for charity auctions held jointly with LEAP. In this respect, Phillips actively participates in our idea of philanthropy.

Artist Editions:

In collaboration with selected artists, limited editions of art works are commissioned by LEAP. In 2022, we are thrilled to cooperate with Julian Charrière (b. 1987, French-Swiss) for editions of either sculptural works and / or photography. Further artist cooperations are under way and will be announced soon.Works will be presented and available for sale in the course of 2022. All returns go to participating artists and the projects supported by LEAP.

"LEAP stands for a new era of philanthropic commitment. Museums must have a continuous dialogue with visionary artists in order to remain relevant. We help them do that. This is our task and my personal passion. One cannot do enough to assist public institutions fulfill their educational task. Relevant contemporary art mirrors the state of our society."
Bettina Böhm, Founder & Director of LEAP

The name LEAP derives from Yves Klein's action Leap into the Void in 1960, which was captured in a black-and-white photograph. It shows the artist leaping – or better – flying out of the window of a residential building.

Paradoxically, the photomontage conveys an impression of freedom and insouciance. LEAP is seizing that metaphor – taking the leap into a new era of philanthropic commitment.

Our fabulous identity and logo were developed and designed by our partner Meiré + Meiré.

Bettina Böhm
Photo: Schah Photography

LEAP is generously supported by:

Dora Budor

Dora Budor at Kunsthaus Bregenz, 19.3. - 26.6.2022 | © Dora Budor